Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

Ten years ago I was in 7th grade, age 12, and I didn’t even know what the world Trade Center was. I woke up that morning, and went about my morning business as normal, only to walk onto the bus to blaring news reports. These reports sounded frantic and scared, this World Trade Center constantly mentioned.

It wasn’t until someone asked for the news coverage to be turned down, and our bus driver insisted what was being said was important I really began to listen. But at 12 how can you imagine the horror that was September 11, 2001?

Through the day I pieced together the severity of the day; the intense pain and loss that seemed to grip my entire middle school, teachers and students alike. It was only once the World Trade Center crumbled to the ground that I learned what they were in the first place.

Ten years later I can look back and realize that moment was a defining one for our country, but was even more defining for my generation. People my age have grown up in the shadow of this event, the powerful images searing our memory as much as everyone else. This one single day was the defining moment in our young lives.

On this day of remembrance I take the time to put these thoughts into words. Excuse the personal nature of this post, but this history is personal in the fact that it happened during my lifetime. Beyond that, it is an event I can consciously remember, and was old enough to understand.

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