Friday, June 28, 2013


A few years ago I rented The Young Victoria and was interested to learn about the early part of Queen Victoria’s life. The longest reigning monarch of England, and the queen during the time of the American Civil War and the colonization movement, Victoria is one queen I have to confess I know very little about.

And while the movie probably got some things wrong, the fact of the matter is that I fell in love with Victoria a little that day. Whether that was because of Emily Blunt’s acting, the knowledge I gained about the Queen’s early life, or a mixture of the both is still elusive to me.

So today, when I saw that today marks the anniversary of Queen Victoria’s coronation, I couldn’t help but wan to do something I’ve always sought to do on this day: blog about it.

Victoria reigned during a time when the royal family’s influence had little direct political power, however she strove to influence government policy. Publicly, she became a national icon and was identified with strict standards of personal morality.

She lived until 1901, and her nine children married across Europe. She was known as the Grandmother of Europe (in fact, such family relations had a direct impact on the start of WWI actually).

Happy History!