Monday, October 18, 2010

Ferdinand and Isabella

I really try to get this out more than once a month, which sounds funny to say since I almost did it two months in a row. However, in my slight defense, I am very busy at this moment with my honors thesis, papers for class and club activities. It has resulted in me getting up much earlier than necessary to give myself a couple extra hours in my day.

So forgive me for not finding the time to research a historical event. And the one time I did remember to look, I found nothing really interesting for that one week. I’ve been meaning to check ever since.

Today, thanks to my “This Day in History” e-mail, I saw today, October 18, 2010 marks the anniversary of the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella in 1469. This is one of the more important marriages in history, since by getting married the two were able to unite the different territories of Spain under one solid rule. This act also led to Spain becoming a power in the world.

Once Ferdinand and Isabella took the thrown, they introduced the Spanish Inquisition, a brutal system meant to convert or deport Jewish citizens in the country. Four years later, Muslim citizens were given the same choice.

Then in 1492 Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus introduced Spain to the new World, and Spain was able to acquire a vast empire.

The Union between the two leaders set Spain on a path to greatness and world dominance. Spain would retain its position as a world power until the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Spain’s global influence is important, and the Spanish Inquisition was also important. I’m sorry I don’t really have the time to dwell on them too much, but the colonies Spain created became countries in the world today. With that, I’m going to post my short blog for today, and hopefully come back with something a bit more substantial next time. As always, wishing everyone happy history!