Thursday, March 4, 2010


Once again, another week, another blog, and I do always look forward to writing. Although instead of looking for a historical event, I’m going to blog about the Holocaust. Now, the Holocaust is one specific genocide in a list that is longer than most people would care to acknowledge, or even worse, a list than is longer than some people know.

I am at taking the opportunity to blog about the Holocaust this particular week because for the second year I am a part of a Colorado State University group known as Students for Holocaust Awareness. Our main goal as a student org is to put on a Holocaust Awareness Week every year, a week that has different events every evening. There is the Survivors Panel on Monday night, a move on Tuesday, a Key Note presentation Wednesday, and a genocide evening Thursday.

The Holocaust is something that hits home with me on a personal level, which is why I decided to join the group. My mother is Jewish. My grandmother worked in a work camp, and was able to survive the war. Some of her family was not so lucky. But after having to deal with people’s bullshit for the second year in a row, the impact the week has on people has been lost to me. I’ve been funning around, and barely had any time to myself, while others simply took my hard work for themselves to make themselves look good.

There is surprisingly, a person behind the blog after all, and I suppose I am allowed one bitchy blog at least once a year. Being sick, tired and emotionally drained, I think I’ll take advantage.

There is nothing I could say about the Holocaust that would surprise anyone (at least I hope not). Every time I hear a survivor speak I hear something new, and while I have been exposed to the stories since a young age, there are still things that shock me, although not much. The universal life suffering events are the same, but the stories of hope and survival are all unique.

I think one thing people need to realize is the Holocaust is one specific genocide. We strive to teach people so it will not happen again. Yet even though the knowledge of the past is there, genocide is still happening.

My goal is to try and apply history to today so perhaps people can understand its relevance. I think this is one of the most relevant pieces of history to today.

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